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Fly Fishing Cabinetry
Inspired by Nature

Our Custom Cabinets Can Be Made In A Variety of Wood Species

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Burl Black

Known for imposing size and strength, the American Black Walnut tree is a highly sought after wood species known for its durability, color, and exotic figure, and has been used in the making of fine furniture for centuries. Inhabiting a wide range of the United States and Canada the Eastern Black walnut tree can grow to a height of 75 feet and have a canopy width of equal proportion.

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Bookmatched Crotch Mahogany

With hardwood turning reddish-brown at maturity, Mahogany has been used for its weather resistance and the look of its tight fine grain. When milled properly the crotch of the tree can provide exquisite figures of grain growth that can be mirror imaged bringing forth the term book matched when used in woodworking. Its sure to be the centerpiece of any room in which it is to be displayed.

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Rustic Knotty

Occupying a wide elevational range and growing anywhere from streambanks to rocky slopes, Knotty Alder from the Midwest is a soft light wood with grain and color similar to Cherry. Its prevalence of knots is appreciated for its rustic and informal appearance. This allows for finishing and distressing to create a more rugged yet refined style of furniture accommodating the decor of predominately wood crafted residences.

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Rift Sawn
White Oak

As a southeastern symbol of strength, the White Oak tree is known for having some medullary rays and is predominantly known for its straight grain. Rift sawn White Oak is defined as having growth rings oriented 30-60 degrees to the face of the board and being the most elite of cuts when milling for woodworking by exposing the true beauty of what White Oak provides in a more figured nature.

* Wood is a naturally occurring product of nature. Grain, color, and finish will vary slightly from species samples above.

Stains and hardware are specific to each custom cabinet and can only be changed by purchasing a fully customizable unit. Please reach out to us below or on our contact us page with questions or to give us any insight into your cabinet build. We can provide customized drawings and layouts to fit your specific needs. This will give you a clear vision of our abilities and impeccable customer service to give you a family heirloom you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Meet the Founders

Wyoming Brown - Stadie & Mangrum

Andreas Stadie

Founder / Fly Fisher
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Lonzo Mangrum

Founder / Master Craftsman


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